Chad the Amateur Radio Operator


Hi, my name is Chad Kurszewski and allow me to tell you a little about myself and a few of my hobbies. I've been a "ham" (amateur radio operator) since 1987, when I earned a Technician Class License. My first callsign was N9GVT, but only had it a short while, as I quickly passed my General and Advanced Class licenses and became KE9HJ. Less than a year after that, I passed my Extra Class exam and became WE9V. Even though we can change our calls with the FCC's vanity callsign program, I've decided to keep WE9V for the long term. I've had this call since 1988.

WE9V's Towers My main activity in ham radio is HF contesting. Since I've become a ham, I've made over 157,000 contacts with that callsign, mostly in contests. I also guest operate at other stations and participate in multi-operator efforts. I've been a part of  228,758 QSOs (as of Aug 2009) at other stations including K4JA (ex-KS9K,W9JA), W9UP, W0AIH, K9NS, KH7R, 6D2X, 6Y1V, FS5PL, and PJ2T. So that's over 385,000 QSOs that I've been a part of.

Check out my DXCC/QSO totals and also have a look at a listing of my contesting efforts.

I bought my first house in 1998, and immediately began building a "modest" station. Outside, I have two towers. The main tower is 100' of Rohn 45. Antennas on the main tower include a two stack of KLM KT-34XAs (32' booms) at 50' and 100', and a 2 element yagi for 40M (XM-240) at 108'. The back tower is 56' of Rohn 25. It supports a third tribander (Mosley TA-34, 21' boom) at 56' and a Cushcraft A3WS 12/17M beam at 61'. Check out more antenna information and pictures.

WE9V Station Inside, the station is designed to be a SO2R (Single-op, two-radio) station, but can be easily changed to support a small multi-op. The hardware includes a Yaesu FT-1000 and a Elecraft K3 (purchased new in July 2008) and two Ameritron AL-1500 amplifiers. Click here to get a more complete station description.

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