I've been sent to Germany a few times on business in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Motorola has a factory and type approval test facility in the small, somewhat touristy town of Flensburg, which is located in the far Northern border of Germany, right next to Denmark. It flanks the Flensburger Fjord which is an inlet to the Baltic Sea. To get there from Chicago, I flew to Frankfort, then Hamburg, then rented a Mercedes and drove on the A 7 Autobahn the rest of the way.

On one of my trips I took a break and drove to Copenhagen, Denmark. And the following day I drove over to Berlin, Germany to spend a few hours and see a few sights in the capital.

Flensburg photos | Berlin photos

The city of Flensburg and the Flensburger Fjord.

Looking down a cobblestone sidewalk in Flensburg.

Glücksburg Castle

The view near my favorite Flensburg hotel, the Alter Meierhof.

Snow is very rare in Flensburg, but I was treated to some heavy frost. You gotta love it when your standard car rental is a Mercedes (note emblem).

Driving on the autobahn is pretty fun...and dangerous if you're trying to take a picture when you're going 218 kph (135 MPH). My top speed, not pictured here, was 228 kph, or 142 MPH. Not bad for a little 4-cylinder Mercedes rental car.

St. Nikolaikirche (St. Nikolai Church) in Flensburg. Building of the church started in 1390. The current spire was built after an 1877 lighting stike destroyed the 1582 built tower. The current spire is now 295 feet tall.

This organ was originally built between 1604-1609, and rebuilt in 1709, 1878, 1920 and 1996. The 49 foot tall by 23 foot wide organ case is classified as a national cultural monument.

Another view of St. Nikolai Church

See my Berlin photos

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